Thursday, July 17, 2014

kindred spirit

So, I set myself a big challenge of posting on my blog everyday this summer.  That obviously is not happening!  The summer gets busy and the days roll along....but here I am, remembering to post today.

Last week I received an email from a "fellow weaver and admirer" Robin Johnston.  A textile artist and handweaver living in Asheville, North Carolina (a handweaving hub), she reached out to me because she is doing a presentation about mapping in contemporary textile art and wanted to include my work in her talk.  So I gathered up some high resolution images this morning and emailed them off to her.  What is amazing to me are the similarities in the themes and methods we are both exploring in our weaving/art practices:  handweaving and dyeing as a translation tool for data, charting and measuring time, and using weaving as a slow tool for re-claiming space and time.  Her use of ikat and natural dyeing is beautiful to me and is pointing in the same direction I have been striving for in my own work.  You can see more of Robin's work on her website at: