Wednesday, June 18, 2014

a summer challenge

I haven't posted on my blog since April, when winter was still lingering.  Now, summer is here and it is mid-June.  It has been a productive few months: working from home on my production weaving, yard work, gardening, and a few reno projects on the school house.  I start my seasonal full-time work with Parks Canada in two days, which means the pace of my life will speed up. 

I have a few projects on the go this summer on top of working: I am a participating artist for this year's Art in the Open festival in Charlottetown; in my capacity as a board member with the PEI Crafts Council I am organizing a juried craft exhibition for the end of September; and I will be working on a new wall-hanging for a fibre exhibition in Newfoundland about Gros Morne National Park. 

This means I would like to keep an eye on my art practice and weaving to make sure it doesn't get squeezed out because of full-time work.

So I am setting myself a challenge to make use of this blog in a way that is easy and consistent:  each day I will post one photo, with or without commentary.  This blog has been a great reflection tool for my practice over the years, but I have recently got out of the habit of using it, and after getting out of the habit, consistent postings seem like a daunting task....but I can handle one photo a day.

 ....Some snaps for weaving projects from the last two months:  Ikat Swedish Lace Scarves (cotton and dyed silk), and weaving cloth for sewing into zippered pouches (Gothic Cross pattern, cotton).

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