Friday, January 3, 2014

the season

 It has been a busy season leading up to Christmas this year.  Even though I only did three small-ish craft fairs, weaving and preparing kept me busy.  It was a season of tea towels:  this was the first year I really put a tea towel design into production for the shows and they did very well - in fact, I sold them all and even got some custom orders for them.  I stuck to bright, festive colours in cotton (as in the photo above) in a Norse Huck-a-Buck time in Sweden in 2012 is definitely palying itself out and influencing the type of functional handwovens I want to make.

 As fall turned into winter, I went for many walks in the rapidly chilling outdoors.

 ....and kept weaving...
 ...and kept the home fires burning as our first winter arrived at the school house.
 My last show of the season was Halifax Crafters.  A wonderful show, my best of the season and my best Halifax Crafters show to date.  Thank you to the organizers and everyone who came out and supported the show and purchased and Marshall Arts handwoven textile.

 After the last show, I decided it was time for me to adopt a bright yellow one for our own kitchen.

 And then came some custom orders....

With Christmas on the horizon, I flew to California with my parents to spend a week and a half with my brother, his wife and new baby girl (my niece, the first grandchild in our family).  My brother has been living outside of San Francisco in Silicon Valley since 2009 and this was my first trip to visit.  As this is our snowiest December on PEI for years, it was a huge contrast to California where there were palm trees and sunshine every day I was there.   My first Christmas ever away from the snow and cold of Canada...the trees and plants were amazing.  I took lots of photos during my walks around the suburbs of Cupertino and hope to do a little tree and blue sky photo essay on her in the coming days.

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