Wednesday, October 23, 2013

country living

Last week I finished my seasonal work with Parks Canada. I'm adjusting well to country life: yoga, weaving, walking, preparing for upcoming craft fairs.  I've been looking forward to this stretch of time. 

I'll be doing three small craft fairs this fall - only doing shows within Maritime driving distance.  This weekend I head to Sackville NB to sell my wares at the Heart and Pocket Revue, part of a Handmade Assembly, a great little conference organized by Struts Artist RunCentre and Owens Art Gallery.

I often takes walks down Halliday's Road, about a 25 minute walk from our house.  The end of the road leads steeply down to a shore where there used to be a wharf and ferry service to Charlottetown.

 The difference of the north shore.

 Woven bird's nest.  Maybe hummingbird?

And we got our woodstove delivered last Friday and hooked it up over the weekend.  It feels like a real milestone in our school house renovation adventure.  The joy and comfort of wood heat is extraordinary as we head into our first winter here after a year and a half of work.