Sunday, September 22, 2013

easy like a sunday morning

It has been a very long hiatus from my blog.  Not on purpose, but because time started to pass and then it became harder and harder to find the right way and the right time to re-engage with this blog which has become a time-based document of my hand-weaving practice and my life at the periphery of that practice.  So, here I am easing myself back into my blog with a plethora of photos from my life in the past four or five months.  The major event of my life and work in recent times is that we moved into our beloved school house on June 1st and shortly after I started work full-time with Parks Canada for another summer season.  We are still plugging away at doorways, trims and much more - but as autumn falls, we turn our attention to getting our home ready for winter.  It has been a glorious and busy summer, and I have been so happy to come home at the end of every workday to our school house home.  I finish work with Parks for the season in about 3-4 weeks and I look forward to slowing down, and spending time weaving in the home I have been dreaming about for the past year.

 Classroom transformed - our main living space housing my two looms.

 Our glorious windows, facing south-east.

 Bamboo flooring, some artwork up on the walls.

 Our nephew Aiden steering the Cranbrook loom.

 The view from the kitchen through our little window to the classroom.

 Vestibule clad in tongue and groove pine salvaged from the second floor.

 Big skies and Belfast sunsets.

 A short walk to Halliday's Wharf beach.

 Fist weaving project since moving to the school house: cotton throw cushions to match the couch.

 My piece for Art in the Open 2013 (August 24th): Archipelago.

Ikat raw silk warps, drying after being dyed.