Wednesday, March 20, 2013

ikat studies

It's been a while since my last post.  It is not because I have taken a break from weaving, but more because I haven't taken the time to stop and photograph my work.  But today is the day!  First day of spring, and of course there is a snow storm, so this means I am forced to stay at home instead of heading out to work on the school house.  It also means I can put the finishing touches on my order for the Craft Council of NL:  tweek my hang tags for my scarves, design some new tags for my pouches, wash felt and dye the last four River scarves, and generally makes sure the whole order looks super duper.

I wanted to document my 16 ikat Swedish lace scarves, but because of the ikat dyeing technique and the colour variation it produces, it doesn't do the scarves justice just to photograph them rolled or folded.  Instead, I have done a series of photos of the details of the ikat effects on the dyed silk warp strings.  I like the imperfections and the static effect that occurs when the dyed warp is threaded onto the loom and the areas of dyed colour translated into cloth.....enjoy!