Wednesday, January 23, 2013

sample me up

This January, I've been slowly plugging away on weaving cloth for my little zippered pouches.  Varying the dimensions slightly and playing around with weave patterns and stripe arrangements allows me a huge variety of designs and effects.  The last couple of warps, I've been more mindful of designing the cloth for the construction of the pouch, emphasizing a stripe of overshot circles along the bottom of the finished pouch.  In the photo above, the cloth is freshly woven and cut off the loom, and has been washed.  I am now ready to cut apart each different 10' length of colour, buy some more zippers, and start sewing up the pouches.

For these pouches, I dressed the loom with a warp that is about 3 yards long, and then switch weft colours every 12 inches - the measurement needed for each pouch.  Instead of committing to a long multiple scarf warp, this allows me to use the process of weaving the pouch cloth like a sampler:  I get to try out a variety of different woven patterns and explore the effect of different weft colours on the weave....and as soon as I'm finished weaving one warp of pouches, my mind is eager to try out the next idea that has been sparked in the process.

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  1. Hi Rilla,
    Looking good, seems you have woven quite a few warps for our zippered bags. Well done.
    Weaverly yours .... Barbara