Friday, June 29, 2012

school house days

 Before Damien ripped own all of the fake wood paneling (painted white).  Wood wainscoting painted turquoise green underneath....

.... As well as evidence of two large windows on the south eastside of the building.

 Seven giant windows on one side, painted orange and blue.

Horizontal bands of six different colours of paint.  Maybe where the chalkboard used to be?

 Seven large windows looking south-west.

 Entryway with door to kitchen area, stairs and back door.  Front door behind me in mirror.

 Dusk on the front stoop.

 Morning from the front stoop.

 Back of house with second floor deck.  The fire pit I built last weekend.


 Beautiful stand of birch leading to path through the woods.

 Big planters I found in the basement.

Halliday beach.  So close to the school house (15-20 minute walk), huge red cliffs, big sandstone slabs worn smooth on the beach.  Friday morning with Mille.  The strawberry u-pick wasn't open yet for the season, so we explored the shore....I had never been here before, and Mille only a few times!!  I am so excited that this little part of PEI will be my neighborhood over the years to come.


  1. Looks great, Rilla. We must have driven by a couple of weeks ago when we were down there.
    Still think we should have a School House Owners' Association (SHOA?)Maybe a group on FB?