Friday, May 25, 2012

swedish lace and springtime

 I've been slowly working away at a small production run of Swedish Lace scarves in silk and cotton.  Using ikat dyeing for the plain weave silk stripes and cotton for the lacy stripes, the scarves wash up beautifully - a lovely texture for a wide summer scarf.

 And spring is here.  Wonderful warm and sunny.  All the leaves and plants are weeks ahead of last year.
And over the next few weeks, I will have bought my first home.  A school house about twenty five minutes east of Charlottetown on over one acre of land.  We will have a lot of work to do before we move in full time, but that is the fun part.  Right now, I'm just looking forward to the closing date when the slog and intensity of the whole property buying process will be to come, I promise!

Monday, May 7, 2012

halifax crafters' + may 2012

Thank you Halifax, all the hard-working organizers of this Halifax Crafters, and everyone who supported the springtime handmade market!

These are some shots of my work on display....some are a little out of focus, but the colours and patterns come across.  The photo above is a row of my smaller zippered pouches.

Finnish Twill scarves with ikat dyed silk warp.  The red and blue one in the background on the right is one of my faves.

 My table.

My dear mannequin wearing another Finnish Twill scarf in silk and cotton.

My zippered pouches, exterior made of my handwoven cotton.  These little bags were a big success!  Thank you to everyone who bought one....I have more weaving/sewing ideas brewing.

Friday, May 4, 2012

Spring Up!

Halifax Crafters' spring market takes place this weekend.  I love doing this show.  When I lived in Halifax, I was one of the volunteer organizers for two years, so aside from selling my wares, it's a chance to catch up with all my crafty buddies in Halifax.  And it's springtime!!  I love the poster this time around (see above).  The market takes place Saturday and Sunday, May 5th and 6th, at the Olympic Centre on the Corner of Hunter and Cunard Streets, from 11am - 6pm both days.