Monday, April 30, 2012

summer plans

As my first month of work at Parks Canada is winding down, I will have more time in May for my weaving and planning my trip to Sweden.  Before I start full-time in June, I will only be working one full day a week for the month of May - lots of time to juggle many things.  One thing I'll be doing is stocking my consignment shops for the summer.  As I wrote about a couple of weeks ago, I've been working on a smaller product using my handwoven cloth: little zippered pouches.  I finished my first little production run and worked through the kinks and I should have close to 40 of these pouches to sell at Halifax Crafters this coming weekend and supply shops for the summer season.

My partner Damien has also been working on a series of small PEI landscape paintings for the summer tourist season.  There are lots of seasonal craft shops and galleries here on PEI that only open from May - October to take advantage of all our summer visitors.

I'm hoping to help him a little with the marketing side - these works are beautiful and sell-able, it's just a matter of getting them seen by the right people.


  1. Rilla, all looks great! For Damien's paintings, maybe even a few great photos and turn them into cards as well... those will sell over the summer months... and shops/galleries who pick up the paintings would prbably also want the cards if you have them when showing the work itself...

  2. Great suggestion Urve! Also a smart way to get images of his work out there......

  3. I hope you will sell some of those pouches in your etsy shop as well!