Monday, March 12, 2012

fresh approach

Even as we are still settling into our new home, I've got my small loom up and weaving. As I've been working on my art practice throughout the winter, I've been letting ideas percolate about a new approach to my production weaving. During the craft fair season last fall, I realized I needed to shake things up when it came to production practice - this is partly due to the need to keep challenging myself, stay excited about the work I'm making, and offering fresh products to my customers.

When I first really fell in love with weaving, an area that largely attracted me was ikat dyeing. This is a method where the warp and/or weft threads are dyed prior to weaving, creating unique patterning in the colours of the woven cloth. In fact, my very first production run of scarves back in 2005-06 was solely based on ikat processes, even to the exclusion of structural patterning (I was only using plain weave).

I have completely gotten away from ikat in my production weaving over the past five years: partly due to discovering a method of over-dyeing after the scarves were woven that provided enough variety of colour, and also because a lack of experience made it difficult for me to conceive of an approach to production ikat that would make the process efficient enough to create affordable scarves. But, after contemplating ikat and production methods over the winter, and experimenting with dyeing my first warp, I think I've stumbled upon a method that works.....

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  1. Ikat was my first love in weaving too! This is such a great addition to your work.