Wednesday, February 1, 2012

spinning out

For the last few days, I've spent parts of my days spinning wool. Finishing up my stash of dyed merino fleece from Belfast Mini Mills and combining it with a grey wool fleece into one ply. Also using up white wool fleece from New Brunswick that I was given for Christmas. Next I will over-dye all these mini-skeins of hand-spun yarn in different combos of natural dye.

I've been lucky enough to have been given a fantastic selection of natural dyestuff over the years: madder root, cochineal, alkanet, saffron, lac, and even indigo (I've only attempted the indigo twice so far), and my own collection of onion skins.

The thing is, I don't really have a dye kitchen in our apartment in Charlottetown. In the winter, the kitchen must be cleaned and taken over for a day of dyeing, and then cleaned again. In the summer, I can dye out on our back deck in the fresh air (though no outdoor sink is a bit tricky). I'm really missing our basement we had in our Halifax apartment: two giant porcelain sinks below a window with lots of afternoon light - perfect for the time-consuming process of natural dyeing and the necessity of letting things sit for days and not be in the way.

All this to say that the hand-spun one ply that I will dye (making due the my kitchen and living space as it is) will be used to continue my Islands project that was started last winter. The colours of wool will be my palette for crocheting my islands, matching the sand, cliffs, dunes, grass, forests, and bogs.

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  1. Oh.Wow. Loving this glimpse of your islands project!