Tuesday, February 14, 2012

receding shore

I've been thinking about weaving a new piece for a while now, in between embroidery, spinning and dyeing. A long horizontal piece, depicting a stretch of shoreline that is vulnerable to erosion. After the piece is off the loom, I plan on embroidering the coastal profiles of the shore in previous years, to demonstrate the impact of erosion.

Nice to be weaving again, even if it is on my small loom instead of my big one (the big one is dismantled in my parent's basement until I have the space for it). I do notice I need to take lots of breaks - my smaller loom is great for production, but is more physically demanding for this kind of inlay that involves a lot of hand work.

I am basing my weaving on this drawing, which is loosely based on the photograph below of eroded shoreline on the north shore of New Brunswick.

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