Sunday, February 26, 2012

jiffy move

We are in the process of getting ready to move. Second time in less than a year. But oh, it will be worth it! Our current apartment in Charlottetown is just too darn small for us. If we both did all of our work on computers and weren't artists who made things and needed equipment for making, our current living space would be sufficient. But we do make things, and therefore, our space is not enough.

Spontaneously two weeks ago, Damien and I went to look at a duplex for rent two blocks away. Two stories, with a great third floor attic for Damien's painting studio, our own backyard, lots of storage, washer/dryer, room for both my looms (including my mammoth Cranbrook) is a rental that will satisfy all our house-living desires until we can save more money for buying our own home. And at pretty much the same price rent as we've already been paying.

The catch was that it was available March 1st and we hadn't given a month's notice on our own place....but, it all worked out and with the work of our great property manager, a new tenant was found for our place and we are moving in three days. The duplex is only two blocks away, so this move feels very different from our past three moves in the past four years, each move bringing us and our lives hundreds and hundreds of kilometres away (Charlottetown to Corner Brook, Corner Brook to Halifax, Halifax to Charlottetown).

In anticipation of the move, I worked last week to finish weaving my receding shoreline piece and get it off the loom so that my studio could be packed up. I'm really happy with my depiction of the extended stretch of coast and I'm looking forward to the next steps of embroidery and finishing which will be worked on in my new studio in our new home.....

All the inlay used for the land is my own 1-ply hand spun wool. The colours of the shore itself are, for the most part, natural dyed, while the green of the land was dyed in the fleece various shades of green by Belfast Mini Mills, which I spun with natural grey and then over-dyed in natural dyes (onion skins, alkynet roots) to vary the shades further. The brown/burgandy warp and the black weft used for the water area are 2/8 cotton.

Not sure if the piece will be hung vertically or horizontally yet...more time needs to be spent with it off the loom.


  1. Well, I like the fabric so much. Wonderful embroidery with good colour selection. Thanks for sharing!

  2. My vote is for vertical Rilla. Reminds of flying along the eastern seaboard. It's a beautiful piece. Hope you and Damien are doing well.