Tuesday, January 17, 2012


With the embroidery of my woven map of Charlottetown's vulnerable waterfront, I have started to re-visit other woven works I've completed in the past two years. I feel the embroidery of the handwoven image and cloth brings a whole other depth and strength to the pieces. The map of Charlottetown is finished for now: all the streets of downtown have been overlaid, the perimeters of the flood zone have been re-emphasized and the motion of the sea onto the land has been indicated with vertical blue arrows.

After washing the map last night (this always brings the cloth together, making it something whole as opposed to various elements forced together), I took a look at a piece I wove in Halifax almost two years ago. It is a depiction of Bottle Cove, a magical piece of coast on the west coast of Newfoundland. When I wove the piece, I emphasized the parts of the shore where I had visited and/or thought of as particularly magical in yellows.

So last night, while perched cross-legged on the couch with an embroidery hoop, I used a chain stitch to draw a a line along the coast where the water meets the land. I have never been satisfied with the piece and am excited at my start at embellishing the coastal abstraction with embroidered mapping.

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  1. I saw your work on Art Cloth text this morning and decided to dig deeper. I find this second piece incredibly compelling - there is something magical about the interplay between the act of mapping a memory and the construction of a blanket (I use the term intentionally, seriously, and in the most positive and respectful way possible). Keep going!