Tuesday, January 31, 2012

art cloth text

I was just taking a break from spinning wool for my Islands project, and checked facebook. There on my homepage was a link from Mackenzie Frere to his blog, Art Cloth Text, and a wonderful post about my recent work, specifically my map of Charlottetown.

It's so insightful to read other people's (especially other artists) impressions of my work...two sentences of Mackenzie's in particular really resonate for me:

"The embroidered emphasis of a small city’s vulnerability on the edge of the water give this woven map a compelling emotional depth."

"While both weaving and embroidery offer the artist a degree of control over pattern and image, her subject is total loss of control to unpredictable, natural forces."

I met Mackenzie in my last year of my BFA at NSCAD University in Halifax, circa 2003. He was doing his MFA and I was very taken with his work, particularly his exploration of ikat natural dyeing - a beautiful simplicity and dedication to material and process. I've held him up in my mind's eye of weaving mentors ever since. He is now an instructor in the Fibres Department at the Alberta College of Art and Design.

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  1. Wonderful both weaving and embroidery provide the artist a degree of control over arrangement and image. I must say you have great talent.