Thursday, December 15, 2011

home projects

Since finishing up the craft fairs for this year, I've been enjoying puttering around home. My first project was to come up with a solution to studio clutter. My studio is in what we've been calling the "anti-room" of our apartment: a strange rectangular room that accommodates our front entrance and three doorways (to our bedroom, Damien's studio, and the kitchen). Needless to say, my studio has often become a bit of a hallway depository, attracting clutter along the edges - not a very attractive workspace. So, I found an adjustable Ikea shelf on Kijiji. It holds all my studio odds and ends very nicely, and the room feels so much bigger and happier.

I also finally got around to putting up two wooden wall shelves above my loom for books, yarn, and weaving tools.

We started a batch of white Reisling wine - hopefully it will be ready and bottled by Christmas. The first batch of wine since we moved back to PEI in May.

And I've spent many hours spinning and then knitting dyed merino fleece I bought at Halifax Crafters a couple of weeks ago. It is now my new hat for winter...

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