Wednesday, December 7, 2011

home again home again

So, my craft fair season is finished for another year. Time to slow down, finish up a few custom orders (you can see the warp above), and get around to all the things I've been meaning to do. A lot of puttering, re-organizing, and art-making. Also a bit of re-evaluating of the role I want my production weaving business to play in my life. Next year, I think I will do fewer shows and choose shows that don't require flying and a huge output of expense. Working for Parks Canada allows me to step back from the unpredictable nature of the craft fair business a bit, as the financial necessity of doing as many shows as possible is diminishing.....I would like to do smaller productions runs and even let myself play a little more with one of a kind work, while expanding well beyond scarves. And make more time for my art practice. A good winter ahead.

A panaramic view of Halifax Crafters Yuletide Cheer Handmade Market in Halifax this past weekend. Thanks to everyone who came out!! It was a very fun and busy weekend. Wonderful to see so many crafty, happy faces....Halifax has an fantastic art/craft community.

While in Halifax, I also had the chance to visit my cousin Martha and her brand new baby girl, Freyja. She was born on Saturday, November 26th. It was a traumatic birth done by emergency caesarian section, but Freyja is doing great and Martha is healing. This is the first grandchild on my father's side of the family (there are only 5 of us cousins), so she feels very very special. I got to hold her (so tiny!!) and watch her sleep under the little cotton baby blanket I wove specially for her.


  1. That blanket is so precious, as is the baby sleeping underneath it! I'm all for small production runs of specialty scarves. That's about all I can handle. :-) Looking forward to seeing what comes off your loom next!

  2. Really this blanket are precious. Wonderful fabrics and good colour combination. The baby also looking so sweet. I wish I could had this blanket for winter season.

  3. Beautiful! Say congratulations to Martha for me, too! I hope she recovers well.