Wednesday, November 23, 2011

thank you!

A big thank you to everyone who visited my booth in St. John's and Halifax over the last two weeks!

I arrived home on Monday after two weeks on the road, and I'm settling back into the comfort of domesticity. Home sweet home. I'm gonna be taking it easy over the next week and a half: I've got a couple of scarf orders, and a batch of scarves to weave for Halifax Crafters' (Dec. 3-4), but other than that, I'm focusing on relaxing. Getting back into my morning yoga routine, going for good long walks, and making good meals with my sweetie.

I thought I would share some of my favourite photos from the two shows......

My little business cards and a baby blanket I wove on my 8-harness Cranbrook for my cousin Martha (who is due tomorrow!). I used the blanket to cover my small table in St. John's and then gave it to Martha when I got to Halifax. All cotton, hand-dyed warp. I'm really liking the lightness of the greys and whites.

One of my favourite scarves of the year, hands down. A new design, inspired by a custom scarf I made for my friend Dean last year. The colours in this are heaven to me: reds, blues, oranges, periwinkle. I love the way the eye mixes them all together to create a rich, deep purple.

Every year, I seem to forget something when it comes to traveling for craft fairs. Last year I forgot my sign, and this year I forgot my dowels for my rack display. I only realized as I was setting up for my first show in St. John's. I had to think quick and came up with stringing rope between my vertical supports, creating little clotheslines, the scarves looking like bunting banners. In this shot, there's a mix of River, Wave, Dean, and Echo scarves.

River and Waves scarves.


  1. Your little business cards and a baby blankets are very unique. I like them all very much. Specially the River and Waves scarves.