Monday, October 24, 2011

on the loom....etc.

On the loom right now, just about the finish weaving the last scarf in a series of four. I've been using one single threading and tying on different warps (each long enough for a series of four scarves). This design above is based on a scarf I designed as a custom order for my friend Dean last Christmas, and I simply put it into production. The warp is made up of four colours of cotton: dark red and dark brown in the borders, and cayenne orange and cocoa in the center; and equal number of white raw silk, and white merino wool. The weft is blue cotton.

In two weeks, I will be finished work at Parks Canada and be on my way to St. John's, NL for the Christmas Craft Fair (November 9-13, Arts and Culture Centre), expertly put together by the Craft Council of Newfoundland and Labrador. This is one of my favourite shows to do - I always look forward showing and selling my scarves there and visiting with family and friends in beautiful St. John's.

Damien's exhibition, Painted Space, opened at the Confederation Centre Art Gallery in Charlottetown this past Saturday evening. His work looks incredible (in my un-biased opinion) and you should go see it - it will be up until December 23rd. Lots and lots of people attended the opening for all 5 shows at the gallery, and I thought it was one of the best groupings of exhibitions I've seen.....
Damien learned how to use video game design software to create landscapes that the viewer can navigate explore by using an X-Box controller. He used images of his paintings as elements making up the landscape. And he doesn't even play video games at all....

Autumn, beautiful autumn. Damien and I house-sat for my parents while they went on their first trip to visit my brother and his wife in Cupertino, California. Logan has been living there for over two years, and it's so wonderful that mom and dad were able to to go for two weeks. My parents' new house on the Buffalo Road, in Rustico, is heaven and a whole new part of the island to explore. It was very wonderful to have time spent in the countryside. We had friends come to visit both weekends and explored the back fields, and and nearby shore....warm, sunny fall days with amazing colours and fresh air.

Thursday, October 13, 2011

gorgeous fall

Thanksgiving weekend walk on Crown Point, Alexandra, south shore of PEI. 22 degrees celsius and colour everywhere.