Monday, September 26, 2011

school house morning

I made my way out to the school house today to weave. It was so wonderful to weave on my Cranbrook loom at the school house on a beautiful sunny September day. I was able to just focus on building my image on the loom and wove a good five inches of cloth. I'm working (slowly) on a piece depicting a map of downtown Charlottetown which indicates which properties are vulnerable to flooding with potential sea-level rises (most vulnerable properties are in red).

Midday sunlight....
piece is almost 4 feet wide and has a cotton warp (hand-dyed); cotton tabby weft; wool, silk and merino pattern weft.

I adopted overshot technique (2 weft yarns: 1 tabby, 1 pattern) to weave a 8 harness pattern. The overshot weft (or pattern weft) is made up of many different yarns, each building up areas of colours as I weave the cloth horizontally. I keep each different colour of yarn on a little bobbin and control by hand the distance it travels under in each shed to build the imagery. Once it's off the loom, I'm going to go back in and embroider the grid of the streets and other details.

Map of Charlottetown with vulnerable areas in red that I've been using as a reference.

Using Jessica's beautiful bowls as yarn ball holders for re-filling pattern weft bobbins.


  1. That looks amazing! I am fascinated by overshot as I have yet to actually try it.

  2. The way you made school house is really great. I like the concept of making of school house. I must say you have great talent. Thanks for sharing with us!

  3. Well, I am impress with school house concept. Best thing is that your using map of Charlottetown. Which make your blog so beautiful.

  4. I like the concept of making of school house. I must say you have great talent.