Monday, September 26, 2011

school house morning

I made my way out to the school house today to weave. It was so wonderful to weave on my Cranbrook loom at the school house on a beautiful sunny September day. I was able to just focus on building my image on the loom and wove a good five inches of cloth. I'm working (slowly) on a piece depicting a map of downtown Charlottetown which indicates which properties are vulnerable to flooding with potential sea-level rises (most vulnerable properties are in red).

Midday sunlight....
piece is almost 4 feet wide and has a cotton warp (hand-dyed); cotton tabby weft; wool, silk and merino pattern weft.

I adopted overshot technique (2 weft yarns: 1 tabby, 1 pattern) to weave a 8 harness pattern. The overshot weft (or pattern weft) is made up of many different yarns, each building up areas of colours as I weave the cloth horizontally. I keep each different colour of yarn on a little bobbin and control by hand the distance it travels under in each shed to build the imagery. Once it's off the loom, I'm going to go back in and embroider the grid of the streets and other details.

Map of Charlottetown with vulnerable areas in red that I've been using as a reference.

Using Jessica's beautiful bowls as yarn ball holders for re-filling pattern weft bobbins.

Friday, September 9, 2011

still weaving...and exploring this red red island

River scarves on my home loom..plugging away at them in my off hours for the two or three shows I'll be doing this fall. These will include the Craft Council of Newfoundland and Labrador's Christmas Craft Fair in St. John's from November 9th - 13th at the Arts and Culture Centre, and Halifax Crafters' handmade market in early December in Halifax, NS.
Rice Point shore.
St. Peter's Island.

Red red sandstone.

Saturday, September 3, 2011

end of summer

My rope bridge installation, Suspended Access. Up for three days before Art in the Open (as seen in photo above), and then there was some confusion on the day of the art festival and the maintenance guys at the Confed Centre took it down and then put it back up incorrectly: big droop and upside down. I didn't find this out until I got home from work....I was a little heartbroken on the night of Art in the Open, but the whole evening was magical and transformative for our little city. And I take heart in the fact that people did get to see my piece for three days.

Last Friday, the night before Art in the Open, my dear friend Valerie and her husband Dave had their wedding part II. Part I was in London, UK in May and I was lucky enough to be there too. Part II was a fantastic dance party and bonfire and revelry in the woods on the Gairloch Road in south eastern PEI. At one point in the night, these incredibly long sparklers appeared (above). It was one of those perfect summer nights we dream about in the coldest days of winter.

Above is one of Damien's light drawings in Rochford Square for Art in the Open. We used glow necklaces and attached them end to end to create continuous contours of shadows and geometric shapes.

Valerie Salez's work in Connaught Square. She's a friend and artist living in Halifax, and spent the last month on PEI doing an artist-in-residency in preparation for Art in the Open. It's hard to tell from this photo above, but there are actually two tractors involved in this piece, one of them suspending this collection of hoops and stretched cloth hides.

Our neighbors have these incredibly big fires in their backyard. The fence is pretty high, but we can see sparks rising up into the darkness.

Today, Saturday, is my first Saturday off in two months. Since starting work at Green Gables, my weekends have been Tuesday and Wednesday. From now until the end of my contract, I will have Saturday and Sunday off and be in synch with all the weekend activities. Like going to the farmer's Damien and I bought seven pounds of string beans and pickled them. We used fresh dill and dill seed, fresh cayenne pepers, garlic and mustard seed. Our beans came in three colours: green, yellow and deep purple (eggplant colour). The purple faded when covered with boiling vinegar and water and salt....we now have 19 bottles of pickled beans to get us through the winter!

This is a short video I made after my rope bridge was first installed:
(I think the two voices are my mother and I)