Wednesday, August 3, 2011

on my plate for August

I am currently planning to build a rope bridge for the Art in the Open festival happening in Charlottetown, PEI August 27th from 4pm - midnight. The bridge will be suspended by two of the buildings (library and theatre) that make up part of the Confederation Centre of the Arts.

The Confed Centre - as those of us who grew up here call it - is at the geographical center of downtown Charlottetown. The architecture of the arts complex is typically 1960s and so different from the rest of historic Charlottetown. It was where we hung out as teenagers. It is where the library, art gallery, and theatre are - places I have visited most of my life. I have worked in both the gallery (quite a bit) and backstage (once) and know the building pretty well from the inside, as well as from street level. But I have never been on the roof....

A rope bridge invites the viewer to contemplate urban architectural space as playground.

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  1. It is nice that your going develop a build rope bridge. I will definitely love to see the Art in the Open festival.