Friday, August 12, 2011

more PEI adventures

I've done a little adventuring on my days off this summer. This past week, we headed up east to spend a night on the Cardigan River. This is a beautiful part of PEI that I've rarely (if ever) had the chance to explore. We discovered our new favourite cottage spot at a place called Four Seasons Cottages just north of Georgetown, with a view of the water. We did some exploring along the eastern coast on a rainy Tuesday afternoon and discovered a magical part of the Island called Launching. Wednesday morning we headed to Greenwich, part of PEI National Park, where we hiked the trail to the parabolic sand dunes. A little taste of summer despite the dampness....

Seagull perched at the Launching wharf.

Lobster straps piled high at the Launching wharf.

Launching beach. There is land for sale here. My heart fell in love with this stretch of shore.

Tons of purple jellyfish washing onto the beach. Bright, deep purple blobs.
Fireweed at Greenwich along the trail.

A water plant growing in the marsh at Greenwich. Created an amazing effect on the surface of the water.

Awe-inspiring sand dunes at Greenwich.


  1. Wow. That is really beautiful - all of it! I have always been interested in PEI (read all of L.M. Montgomery books, ALL of them.) I think I've written this before - but following your adventures makes me want to visit that much more!

  2. Wonderful. How adventures this would be. I think every one should do something adventurous like this. I wish I could visit this place. Its like heaven.

  3. Really beautiful. This would be very much adventures. Once in life I will definitely visit this place in my life.