Wednesday, July 20, 2011


Yesterday I spent a couple of hours at Hutchinson Pottery and Gallery in North Milton, PEI. This is the shop/studio in an old school house where Jessica Hutchinson has been sweet enough to let me have my Cranbrook loom for the summer and into the fall. I still have a warp to dye before threading begins, so yesterday I did the treadle tie-up. And took pictures of the lovely space....

As I mentioned yesterday, the grand opening for Hutchinson Pottery and gallery will take place this Saturday, July 23 at 1pm, North Milton Schoolhouse, 697 Rustico Rd. PEI. Aside from some of my scarves, they have a wonderful hand-picked selection of work by Island artists and artisans, including jewellery, pottery, handspun wool, felted hats, weaving, and painting.

An example of Jessica's beautiful tweeked neutral glazes....

Handspun wool by Louise Lortie....

These beautiful supports help hold up the ceiling in the schoolhouse. Apparently they are an architectural detail taken from shipbuilding.


  1. Amazing schoolhouse. I like it very much. It looks so classic. Thanks for sharing!

  2. Great school house. I had never seen such school house before. It is of vintage look. Thanks!

  3. Well, very unique school house. It is of vintage type. Thanks for sharing with us!

  4. I like the concept of school house. It is very unique and classic school house. Keep sharing!