Tuesday, July 5, 2011

building on the edge (exploring PEI part 2)

I've noticed something happening on PEI since moving back. People are building summer homes - not quaint cottages but large, extravagant homes - right on the edge of our vulnerable coasts. A few weeks ago, we were driving along Malpeque Bay and came across these enormous, modernist summer homes (above), plunked down in cottage country. These are homes that are undoubtably only inhabited during the summer months - maybe rented out, or maybe occupied by the owners who live somewhere else during the rest of the year.

I am partly fascinated by the beauty of these houses perched right next to the sea: the juxtaposition of the architecture against the PEI coastal landscape.....but, I also want to go and knock on their doors and let them know that our cliffs are crumbling and building so close to the shore is not a great idea on so many levels. I am also blown away (is this space/money envy?) by the priveleged lives these people must live to be able to build such beautiful, large homes that are only lived in for such a small portion of the year....

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