Wednesday, June 15, 2011

this town is small

Since moving back to PEI a month and a half ago, Damien and I instantly got involved with a new artist run organization here in Charlottetown, called this town is small. Started by artist Becka Viau, Sobey's long list contender (first Island artist ever) and NSCAD alumni, this town is small is revitalizing the arts community on this little Island. One of the inititatives that Damien and I are helping out with is the creation of the Small Town Print Shop which will open next weekend. With an exclusive focus on screen printing, the Small Town Print Studio will provide affordable public access to equipment and facilitate the sharing of knowledge through skill-building workshops and collaborative projects. And one of the first projects will be to screen print t-shirts designed by local artists. The submission deadline is today, and Damien and I both created designs.
Here are my two initial drawings for the two t-shirt designs I submitted. The dots above refer to the framework of any community, thinking about the connecting of dots leading to connections and creation.
This drawing is based on a photograph of a crazy quilt made on PEI in 1930. Crazy quilts were traditonally a product of rural life, a way to make use of clothing that had been worn until all that could be selveged were small odd-shaped scraps of cloth. I loved how the lines of this particular quilt are so reminiscent of aerial views of town clusters.

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  1. Oh, I love your designs and I love the fact that one person can start something that will transform a whole community. It all sounds so great Rilla.