Thursday, June 23, 2011

summer home

This past week, I found a home for my giant Cranbrook loom. For the past month and a half, it's been stacked up (in pieces) against our bedroom wall - there isn't enough space in my home studio for it and my small Leclerc loom. So, my friend Jessica Huthinson, a potter, is renting an old school house for the summer just outside of Charlottetown in North Milton.

Jessica and her partner have been busy sprucing the place up and painting the inside to get it ready to open as a fine craft shop this summer. Because of agricultural zoning restrictions, the shop can only be 40% retail and has to be 60% studio. Jessica will have her pottery equipment out there, but there is still lots of space and she's happy to offer up the space for me and my Cranbrook loom. I will also sell my scarves in the shop.

I stopped in the have a look at the school house on Sunday while I drove out to my parents' new house - it's conveniently on the way....So wonderful, a perfect summer home for my loom. Hopefully I will set it up out there in early July. My Cranbrook loom is primarily used for my art practice and I've just really begun to explore the possibilities of 8 harnesses in the past year while I had it set up at North Pocket Studio in Halifax. I plan on making the time to go out once a week to weave. It's so much better having it set-up than not, even if it's only until October.


  1. How fabulous! Looks like a great spot.

  2. What a great studio space! Totally charming. I would love to have a space like that someday.

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