Wednesday, June 29, 2011

production continues

This next week will be my last week of full time self-employment for the next three months. After a very long application process involving multiple exams and language texts, I was offered a position at Parks Canada last week. The offer was contingent on the results of my french oral assessment which came through on Monday - I received the score I needed for the position of Heritage Presenter. So, I will be be working full-time at Green Gables National Historic Site for a 15 week contract, until early October. My job will be to organize the heritage interpretation activities at the site: guided walks, demos, races and games for children. This will be my first "real" job outside of my weaving business and art practice for four years...the goal is to get a foot in the door with Parks Canada and be offered seasonal contracts for a few years and hopefully be offered a permanent seasonal position down the road, providing me with stable income for five months and while the rest of the year I can keep weaving and making art full-time. I'm very excited to see how the cultural and ecological environment I'll be working in will influence my art and my weaving.

In the meantime, I have four new shops that want to carry my scarves this summer (two on PEI, two in NL) and I am planning on doing at least two or three Christmas craft fairs come November and I will squeeze in some more weaving this next week, and do what I can between work and summertime fun to keep production rolling until I go back to full-time weaving in October.

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