Monday, June 13, 2011

exploring PEI part 1

Friday afternoon we took a drive up towards the north shore and Malpeque Bay area of PEI with our friend Matt. The wind was chilly but the world was sunny and bright and the rolling hills looked so lush and fertile. We stopped into St. Mary's Church in Indian River, a large wooden church famous for its beauty and incredible accoustics. Each summer, the Indian River Festival takes place there, a series of musical concerts held in the church. Damien and I had never been there before and we were lucky enough to find the church open to us.

The attention to detail in the woodwork is incredible, including the simple herringbone patterning of the balcony (I can't help but pick out woven patterns applied to architecture).

The ceiling blew me away. All geometric arches made of glowing amber coloured wood.

Even the ceilings of the side areas (for lack of a more appropriate term) were vaulted with geometric woodwork.

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  1. Great photography !!! Really is an inspiring location.