Sunday, June 19, 2011

day for fathers

My parents sold their house of 16 years in downtown Charlottetown and moved to the country. Buffalo Road to be precise. Up towards Rustico and PEI's north shore. This is their new house above, with lilacs blooming. It's nestled on about 2 acres of land and it is very beautiful. They have a huge wrap around deck, surrounded by flowering trees and bushes.

When I was out visiting last weekend, the lilacs were so abundant and fragrant.

Honeysuckles in the evening sunlight.

Bleeding hearts in all their glory.

These are some of my dad's honeybees at the Confederation Centre Art Gallery and Museum. My father is the beekeeping technician for an installation of a live beehive in the gallery for an exhibition of work by Canadian artist Aganetha Dyck. The beehive is attached to a plexiglass case containing a lobster trap - the idea being that the bees will construct honeycomb on the trap during the three months in the gallery. There is also a long plexiglass tube that reaches up towards the ceiling of the gallery and out a window so the bees can fly outside and collect pollen. My dad is a technical apiary wizard for managing all the logistics of this project.....

And my wonderful papa. I'm going to head out to the Buffalo Road "homestead" this afternoon for a father's day visit.

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  1. the new homestead looks incredible - what great paint colours! And hooray for your dad to be working with Aganetha Dyck, her work is so thoughtful and interesting.