Friday, June 17, 2011

blanket landscapes

Candice Tarnowski is a Canadian artist and conservator based in Montreal. She's in Charlottetown this weekend for the installation of her piece A Bed's Been Made Up For You at the Confederation Centre Art Gallery. Her work will be presented in the five glass concourse display cases. Several of the cases will include the artist's drawings and other two dimensional work, but others will feature her signature strategy of layering blankets to form visually-striking stacks that resemble landscapes or geological strata. The blankets she's using are from her own collection, as well as loans from the PEI Museums and Archives and MacAusland's Woolen Mill.

I got the chance to meet Candice yesterday while I was tagging along with a group of intro weaving students from NSCAD - they were brought over to PEI for a field trip to Belfast Mini Mills, Confed Gallery and McAusland's Woolen Mill by my former Textile professors Lesley Armstrong and Frances Dorsey. I also went to her artist talk last night where we both realized we had met before at the Handmade Assembly conference in Sackville, NB back in early April (the textile/craft community in Canada is small). Her landscape installations have really struck a chord in my imagination: I too have contemplated the beauty of folded blankets and their strong relationship to geological strata. It's interesting to think about the creation of these landscapes as a maker of cloth, not only a collector....

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