Tuesday, May 17, 2011

the swing of things

The rainy wet weather has continued. I think it's supposed to break later this week, finally. We've been in Charlottetown for over two weeks now, and we've only seen what our new apartment looks like in the morning sunshine ONCE...

Despite the damp, we happily have radiators in our new home, perfect for drying wet clothes and freshly dyed scarves. This is my first batch of scarves woven and dyed in our new place. I no longer have a basement with a big porcelain sink anymore (like in Halifax), so until the weather clears up and I can do my dyeing out on the deck, I have to scrub down our kitchen sink and counter when dyeing time comes around.

On Saturday, Damien and I went out to visit his parents just outside of Charlottetown. His mom Nancy joined us for an epic 8 kilometre walk/hike down on a piece of land called Crown Point that extends behind their house to the shores of the Northumberland Strait. Damp, but so beautiful, especially when we finally arrived at the beach, probably untouched by other people since last summer.


  1. Loving those teal scarves! I have always been curious about your corner of Canada and have always wanted to visit.

  2. you are welcome to visit me anytime! I love this part of the world very much. My brother lives in Cupertino, CA these days, so if I make it to your corner of the world, I'll let you know :)