Thursday, April 14, 2011

West Point, PEI: 1958 - 2000

Yesterday was the last class and final crit for Science into Art, a sculpture workshop I've been sitting in on at NSCAD. For my final piece, I presented West Point, PEI: 1958-2000, a work that involved handweaving aerial images of a piece of shoreline in western PEI and then overlaying the profiles of the changing coast using embroidery. I "coloured in" with embroidery the areas where shoreline used to exist but no longer does, and land that will be created in the future through the action of erosion and sediment re-distribution. Thierry Delva, the course instructor, suggested I research the history of cloth wall coverings - traditionally tapestries - to investigate the narratives and the depiction of time passing in these functional works of art.

And all semester, I intended to take some video of Halifax harbour, directly out the giant plate glass windows of the NSCAD sculpture studio. And yesterday, having finally remembered to bring my camera to our last class, I shot 1 minute of the water through the window. What you hear are the echo-y voices of students in the studios. The presence of the water is so strong at NSCAD's Port Campus.

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