Monday, April 18, 2011

anatomy of a wholesale scarf order

- 32 scarves, handwoven from raw silk and cotton.
- 16 "land" scarves, 16 "sea" scarves.
- each scarf hand-dyed after weaving.
- 2400 inches (or 200 feet) of weaving before washing.
- 2240 inches (or 186.6 feet) of cloth after washing (7.6% shrinkage).
- 1920 fringes twisted.
- all scarves woven between March and April 2011.
- off to Devon House, St. John's NL for the Craft Council of NL Shop.


  1. That's your production in a month?!? *bleep* How long does it take you to weave 1 scarf? (never mind the warping....the dyeing....)

  2. if I was to work on this amount of scarves full time (40 hours a week), it would take me about 3 weeks. That's an average of 10-12 scarves a reality it took me about a month and a half because I was juggling a bunch of other things too. The weaving of each scarf alone takes about 1 hour (my warps are always 4 scarves long) - but you're right, then add on the warping, threading, beaming, fringe twisting, dyeing.

  3. You are a fast weaver! I am slow as a turtle. 4 hours to weave one scarf (stop laughing). I think I daydream a lot while I weave. :-) I'm trying to get faster.

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