Monday, March 28, 2011

new scarves and A Handmade Assembly

Today I'm getting ready for a week away from my home in Halifax. I leave for PEI early tomorrow morning where I will have my interview with Parks Canada on Wednesday. From PEI, I head to Sackville, New Brunswick on Friday for A Handmade Assembly, a symposium all about the rise of craft and DIY culture in contemporary art practices. I'll be participating in the Heart and Pocket Revue, a craft fair running April 2-3 as part of the symposium.

Last week, I did a small production run of a new square scarf that I will be bringing with me to Sackville this weekend. Woven from cotton and raw silk on my 8 harness Cranbrook loom, this scarf is like a giant hankercheif: meant to be folded into a triangle and tied behind the neck....I really like the look and feel of these: nice to have a scarf that's not a long rectangle but keeps your neck cozy in all the right places. Perfect for spring.


  1. Best wishes at your interview!
    I had the great fortune to work at Greenwich National Park one summer - your coasts are so beautiful.
    Love the square!

  2. Very nice! I've been a fan of square scarves for some time. They actually mold themselves very well, making a fantastic neckwarmer.

  3. Nice square! Really like the texture of it too.