Wednesday, March 9, 2011

exponential growth x3

I've kept going with the exploration of exponential growth using crochet. I was supposed to have a crit last week in my sculpture class at NSCAD, but three of us got pushed to this week because we ran out of time. And this gave me more time to keep playing with string, a crochet hook, crochet stitches, and mathematical growth scenarios.

The black one was made using a thick 3-ply wool, crocheted using single stitch, with exponential growth applied so that each row doubles the number of stitches that were in the previous row (2:1 ratio). The gray one was made using a 1-ply wool, crocheted using double stitch (slowing down the rate of growth), with the same rate of exponential growth as the black one. The red one is made using two colours of one ply wool, spiraling around each other. The dark red wool crocheted using a double stitch growing at a 2:1 ratio, while the bright red wool was used to slow down the exponential growth of dark red using a single stitch at a ratio of 1:1 after each row of dark red stitched. Really interesting how the ruffles end of making new circles in the red piece, emphasized by the two tones.


  1. Beautiful! Like coral (which also grows exponentially, I suspect)!

  2. I agree with Vicki - I kept thinking that they look like beautiful coral!

  3. Hey Rilla, a friend directed me to this website, you might enjoy it.