Wednesday, February 9, 2011

weaving friends

I met Bronwyn Gallagher last September in Fredericton when I participated in an outdoor craft fair organized by the New Brunswick Craft Council. Bronwyn is a fellow weaver and recent graduate from the New Brunswick College of Craft. And, being a young weaver trying to make a go of handweaving and entrepreneurship, we had a lot to talk about. I ran into her again over the past weekend when she was in town for the Atlantic Craft Trade Show and she told me she just purchased a 32 harness AVL loom after years of saving her money. Wowzers. She'll let me know when her website is up and running, but until then, I found a little video of Bronwyn being interviewed, talking about some recent awards she's received, and the magic of differential shrinkage - a technique I've been using in my scarves for years, but she really brings it to the next level by using double cloth.

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