Tuesday, February 15, 2011

disappearing shore, part 2

Yesterday I went in to the studio for a couple of hours and finished my piece depicting the shoreline changes to West Point, PEI. I'm thrilled to see it off the loom. While weaving, I can only ever see a small section of the piece while I work and the woven cloth gets wound around the front breast beam. I really like the dimensions of it: about 82" long by 25" wide, like a banner. I now plan on embroidering the shoreline profiles, choosing my colours and stitches carefully, with the purpose of layering time and drawing measured contrasts of the changing coast.

These photos were taken while the piece was laid flat to dry on my home studio floor. Hence the funny perspectives. I do plan on hanging the piece eventually....I'm thinking I want to see more: a row of banner-like pieces hung side by side creating a larger experience. And for those weavers out there - it is all cotton, woven in a 8-harness twill within twill pattern, which I adapted for overshot use, and then adapted the overshot (or pattern weft) to use as inlay allowing me to build the imagery. I love what's happening with the woven pattern, creating this 3-d optical push and pull as the pattern zig-zags across the cloth.

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