Tuesday, January 11, 2011

maps and the fragile coast

Since last Friday, I've been refining the making of a homemade frame loom. I want to be able to bring a small loom with me to the NSCAD class I'm sitting in on, and get away from being chained to my stationary floor looms. My original idea was to make small woven studies on my frame loom, and then assemble these pieces into something larger and three dimensional. I'm still working through some of the bugs of my frame loom design and method while keeping in mind that it is a tool to achieve the work I want to make. I find myself getting absorbed into the technology of it, and I have to balance my process-obsessive tendency with my conceptual goals of the work. Today I'm heading to the studio to work through it all....

Joanna and I spent yesterday at the Dalhousie University Library and I found some great resources about the Atlantic coast. The photo below is of a map of the sensitivity of Canada's coast to potential sea level rises.

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  1. Process can be so satisfying - I love that you are reminding yourself of the goal. I am happy that you are documenting this project and look forward to seeing more!