Wednesday, January 19, 2011

island exploration

I've been plugging away the last few days, exploring different materials and construction techniques for making islands. Trying to sculpt with cloth using embroidery, keeping the colours simple and referential.

Last night I started crocheting an island using my hand-spun, hand-dyed wool (one ply, a mix of plain old wool fleece and super soft merino). I used to crochet quite a bit while I was a student, mostly making warm wool hats to sell, and that experience has taught me a fair bit about how to control 3-dimensional shapes using the simple single crochet stitch. Right now I'm just seeing where these explorations will take me, but as I work away the piece is starting to form itself in my mind: I imagine a series of small islands connected by water, with power lines stetching between the islands as if the sea-level has risen and changed what used to be a solid mass of land....


  1. Might be interesting to see if felting select portions or specific woolly "islands" might have any effect.

    Looking forward to seeing where your Muse takes you!

  2. love following your process of exploration rilla.

  3. May I add to the above voices saying that it is really interesting to see your progress. I am struck by the resemblance of your islands to zafus (I have them on my mind, perhaps). But I like the veiled connection between your working process and meditation. I know it is a stretch, but I am enjoying it! : )