Wednesday, January 26, 2011

island #2

I finished crocheting my second island yesterday. Really, it's my fourth island in two weeks, but my second crocheted island. My goal is for it to be part of a larger piece with multiple islands, connected by patterned cloth water which I'm planning to weave. I will present the two crocheted islands this afternoon in the NSCAD class I'm sitting in on.

This second one is loosely based on an island up the eastern shore of N.S. that I found exploring the coastline using Google Earth. It's not necessary that these pieces be exact replicas of existing islands - it's more important that I create a landscape that really compels the viewer to ponder the vulnerability of coastal landscapes.

My father told me the other day that a study recently completed by my uncle (an environmental engineer) has predicted that with current rates of sea level rise, Prince Edward Island will be divided into four islands 100 years from now.

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  1. This project is so interesting. I'm learning all sorts of new things through your exploration.