Friday, January 21, 2011

inch by inch

Yesterday I plowed ahead and devoted a full work day to crocheting an island. I took out most of what I had started the other day, looked up some islands on Google Earth (St. Peter's Island, Pictou Island) to sketch contours and colour blocking, and began again. By last night, my hands and wrists were aching, but I had one island complete.

This morning I hand-washed it to felt it up a little and now I have it "blocked" to dry. By blocking I mean that while it is damp from washing, I have stretched it out and pinned it down while inserting supports under the island part - hopefully when it dries, this shaping will stay because of the density of the crocheted cloth.

I'm now thinking of crocheting one or two more islands, and thinking of how to adress to water to emphasize its difference from the land in a way that will connect the individual islands.

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  1. This is a very evocative piece Rilla....I am loving it on many levels.