Sunday, January 2, 2011

home of my dreams

So, today is my last day on PEI before heading back to Halifax tomorrow. Damien and I have only gone to see one house (we canceled our appointment to see that tiny in-town house I posted about the other day after I drove past it and saw that it was surrounded by parking lots and ridiculously tiny), but like a woman obsessed, I keep looking at listings on-line. And today I found the house of my dreams listed on Kijiji. Twenty minutes north east of Charlottetown, it's on a couple of acres, on a hill (safe from sea level rises) and it appears as I would imagine my dream house would after twenty years of sweat equity. And it's only $129,000....still out of our price range, but without the years of renovations that a fixer upper would need.

This is it. I couldn't imagine a better version of the house I see in my mind's eye.

And skylights in the master bedroom.

And not one, but two sunrooms. And a large out-building that could be converted into a studio. What more could we want??


  1. Oh hello perfect house. Here's to believing dreams really can come true! Happy New Year!

  2. I say that you have a beautiful yet simple dream house. Well, I'd be happy to have sunrooms and bedrooms with skylights in my home too. The idea that you have your own place to relax is already appealing to me. It's been two years now. Are you close to your dream? Or should I say have you already achieved it? :)

  3. Your dream home looks fantastic, especially with the idea of putting skylights on the master bedroom. For me, skylights really provide a comfy and refreshing vibe to a room. So here's a great advice. If you want a cozy and friendly home, I suggest that you install skylights not only on the bedroom but on the other parts of the house too. Your friends and relatives will surely be delighted with it.

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