Thursday, December 2, 2010

this weekend

I'm very excited about the Halifax Crafters' Handmade Market this weekend. The Christmas show is always a great one. A craft fair made up of artists who enjoy making things by hand and who have a unique vision to share. The mandate of Crafters' is to encourage new artists and local artmaking. Shows are juried every time creating a unique place for established artists and university instructors to gather with emerging artists and students to show inspiring new projects.

I've been part of the volunteer organizers since moving back to Halifax in 2009 and this time I took on the responsibility of doing the floor plan with Laura Mae of Osha Mae Soaps. I finalized the plan yesterday and this morning appeared bright and early on Breakfast Television along with other Crafters Amanda Fullerton and Caitlyn Purcell. I biked to CTV in the dark with my backpack of scarves.

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