Tuesday, December 21, 2010

city mice or country mice?

So, I haven't really been keeping up with the scarf-a-day plug. I've gotten distracted while on Prince Edward Island. Mainly distracted by houses for sale. And when it comes to daydreaming potential new homes, I have a one track mind and I get a tad obsessed. Damien and I have never house-hunted before and we figure it's time to get our feet wet. We're just looking for now, but we have to start somewhere, and looking at houses doesn't cost a thing.

So, yesterday with Damien, my mom and friend Mille in tow, we went to look at a small century farmhouse in South Pinette, about thirty minutes east of Charlottetown, towards the Nova Scotia Ferry. Three out-buildings (possible studio space), a small orchard and a price that is definitely in our low budget price range. We'd have to make some investments right off the bat - new oil tank, new septic, buy a car - but there's loads of potential there for us to make it our own for a very reasonable price....but two main issues pop up: do we want to be that car dependent, and the winter isolation of country living. But, we would be buying ourselves space and time to work on our individual art practices and live within our means. And, out of all the regions in rural PEI, this is one part of the Island where we have very good friends, (Mille and Dan would be a 5 minute drive away). It's easy to get swept up and romanticize country living....

And, last night, I found a tiny little house in Charlottetown that I'm going to make an appointment for us to see. It's about $17,000 more than the country house, only one little outbuilding, but we'd be in town. From the photos of the inside it looks like it's got good bones, nice moldings. The big question: is there room for both Damien and I to have studio space?


  1. How exciting! I love the idea of a new home and what it can become.

  2. Buy the Farmhouse Rilla and live the dream for all of us. Just buy a very small, fuel efficient car! xxxb Happy Christmas