Wednesday, October 6, 2010

audio refresher

I always listen to CBC radio while I work at home in my studio. This morning, the radio reception was crackly and annoying, so I decided to put on some music. For some reason, I have really grown away from listening to music or searching out new music. The times when I listen to music the most these days is at friends' houses. When I was a teenager, music was a really big part of my life and identity, but somehow as I've gotten older it's gotten pushed aside. I know that part of this is that I am not a musician and am primarily a visual person, and as I immerse myself more and more in a career rooted in the visual arts and crafts, my relationship to music gets pushed to the periphery. But, music can have a huge effect on how I feel and can really lift me up and see myself and life through fresh eyes, it can allow me to tap into emotions and ideas I didn't know were there. So, this morning I bought two new albums on iTunes, including Julie Doiron's newest record I can wonder what you did with your day. The last song on the album, Glad to be alive, made my morning. I couldn't figure out how to write this post and have the YouTube video in the same post, so you can watch it in the post above, performed live by Julie.

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