Thursday, September 9, 2010

the shores of PEI

Some snaps from my time spent on the Island. An interesting week as changes are in the air. Lots of discussion from my parents about buying a house in New Brunswick on the Bay of Fundy. Something in my own relationship to PEI has shifted and this new idea made me look at this place and my space in it differently.

Damien and I did lots of exploring up the south east coast through Cape Bear and Murray Harbour. We found an amazing spit of sand, a beach stretching out into the mouth of a bay, uninhabited by only terns and other birds where we spent the afternoon swimming in perfect saltwater.

Damien's parents' property in Alexandra, south east of Charlottetown on a hot Saturday afternoon.

Cape Bear lighthouse look-out. Where the first signal from the sinking Titanic was received.

The warm water of at the mouth of Murray Harbour. A long sand spit called Poverty Beach.

Only other footprints besides our own are birds.

After exploring the south east coast of PEI, I looked up some real estate online and discovered this gem on 4 acres along the shore in White Sands. Looking out to the water, where you can see the highlands of Cape Breton on a clear day. Fodder for daydreams.

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