Wednesday, September 22, 2010

I love fall

The past few days in Halifax have been lovely. Warm yet crisp sunny weather with a bit of a wind that makes the leaves dance. My dear friend Mille Clarkes was in town for the screening of her short film Crows and Branches at the Atlantic Film Festival and we got to spend some nice times together in the autumn weather.

Damien and I live right next to Oxford Street School and as we were walking to a local breakfast joint yesterday morning with Mille, we noticed all these paper pinwheels twirling in the breeze along North St. Lovely in the dappled sunlight.

We overheard the kids saying they were "pinwheels for peace" as they kept adding more by sticking them in the grass. I went back with my camera a little later in the day to take these photos.

And this is a shot of my sample Horizon scarf that I've been wearing, great for the fall. This one is over-dyed, but as mentioned in earlier posts, now that I've put them into production, I've actually decided not to over-dye this new design and instead to leave the natural raw silk white. I'll post more photos of the un-dyed Horizon scarves in the next few days....

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