Sunday, September 12, 2010

home ec.

I've been thinking about painting parts of our apartment since we moved in well over a year ago. I just never felt I had the time. Our front hallway has been a dirty beige/brown, and our living room is a tan/mocha colour. The front of our house doesn't get lots of light anyway, and these sombre colours never helped.

So after getting the go ahead from our landlord this week after spontaneously emailing him on Tuesday, I impulsively devoted almost three days to painting our hallway. The living room will have to wait for now, but we're both so happy with how the hallway turned out. A very light, bright and airy heather white for the walls and a coral/burnt orange to cover the chipped, dirty white trim. It changes the space completely and really opens and brightens it up.

Damien and I also went to the brand new Halifax Farmer's Market yesterday to check out the new eco-friendly space right on the waterfront and to search for tons of local beans, dill and hot peppers. We spent the afternoon pickling our beans and are now well stocked with lots of dilly beans to get us through the fall.

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